Spatial Spiral – European Contemporary Glass Art Museum

Location: Budapest

Client: Eszter Bohus

Planning: 2019

Scale: 5.000 m2

Designers: LAB5 architects | Linda Erdélyi, András Dobos, Balázs Korényi, Virág Gáspár Anna | Urnukh Darizav, Zoltán Kozma, Dávid Székely

Main advisory: Liget Ltd.

Visuals: LAB5 architects

Model: Modellab



The history of glass is a magical story of the development of a functional and artistic material. In the 60’s, glass art became as a branch of fine art being independent from applied arts, mainly in the name of the U.S. studio glass movement.

The Hungarian glass art scene is outstanding in the international world of art. It has reached the high level while standing on its own, still waiting to be discovered by locals. The first breakthrough was the success of “Spatial Spiral II.” by Zoltán Bohus, which was awarded as the most relevant art piece of the year by the Corning Museum of Glass in 1979 – the year that is now stated as the start of Hungarian glass art.

The heritage of the Bohus – Lugossy artist couple gives the core of the collection and the inspiration of the future European Contemporary Glass Art Museum. The project now is in concept design stage, for more information please visit our page later.