Rózsadomb Panorama Project Competition

Location: EU, Hungary, 1025 Budapest, Vérhalom utca 17-19.

Client: Rózsadomb Panoráma Kft

Planning: 2016

Scale: 20.000 m2

Leading designers: LAB5 architects | Linda Erdélyi, András Dobos, Balázs Korényi, Virág Anna Gáspár

Designers: Gabriella Fehér, László Monori, Rita Mottl, Judit Nyerges, Tamás Tótszabó, Rebeka Sipos

Visualization: LAB5

Competition: Rózsadomb Panoramic Project Idea Competition, 2nd place (shared, 1st place was not announced)


The house with the best view of Budapest, is also the house that is the best seen of Budapest. What if we try to integrate the huge volume by a façade pattern into the surrounding of greenery and tiny-houses?