LogMeIn Office Interior

Location: East-West Business Centre Office Building, Astoria, Budapest

Client: LogMeIn

Design: 2019

Realisation: 2020

Scale: cc 2.500 m2

Designers: Alíz Matisz + LAB5 architects | Linda Erdélyi, András Dobos, Balázs Korényi, Virág Anna Gáspár | Benedek Kupi, Diána Németh, Dávid Székely

Civil Engineer: Balázs Ungi

Mechanical Engineer: ReEnergy | András Sipos

Electrical Engineer: Kelevill | Nándor Szikora, Ferenc Szepesi

Lighting Engineer: Solinfo Lighting Embassy

Event Organizer Consultancy: H.G. Event Technics Kft. | Viktor Salfer

Fire Safety Consultancy: Fireeng | György Decsi

Acoustics: AQrate | Andor Fürjes

Contractor: Fitout Zrt.

Project manager: CBRE | András Molnár

Photography: György Palkó


LogMeIn, once the most successful start-up of Hungary, has grown a big global company, with the new headquarters at Boston – the research faculty has stayed at Budapest. Their growing demand of office areas found space on the first floor of the East-West Business Centre Office Building, at the busy square in downtown, called Astoria.


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LogMeIn works with IT services based on cloud technology, what kept in the focus of our concept in a symbolic way.

We designed an efficient open space layout, where the community areas are well separated, and follow the shape of clouds, over the sea of workstations. The researchers are situated in a relaxed area while the busy spaces look towards the streets. The glazed walls of the free-standing elements in the space (meeting room, phone booth, etc.), the mirrors in the washrooms, the hanging decoration over the community-amphitheatre all follow the metaphor of clouds.

The portion of lounge and stand-up zones follow the demand of the working method of the company.

We placed a romantic big open bar at the corner of the building facing the busy crossroad with many windows, shiny tiles on the walls, and different type of seated areas scattered around in the room.

The quality of design achieved a high level - thanks to the approach and sensitivity of the company itself.