Roche HQ Office Interior

Location: Budapest ONE Business Park, 1112 Budapest, Balatoni út 2/a

Client: Roche Hungary

Design: 2020

Construction: 2021

Scale: 1.770 m2

Interior design: LAB5 architects

Leading designers: Linda Erdélyi, András Dobos, Balázs Korényi, Anna Gáspár Virág

Project interior designers: Diána Németh, Rebeka Sipos

Colleagues: Fruzsina Barta, Anna Beketova, Lelle Kovács, Benedek Kupi, Bálint Szelezsán

Project management: JLL

Design and build: tetris

Photography: Zsolt Batár


The most important design aspect was how to meet the needs that have gone through serious changes recently. Roche is a world leading company of personalized medicines and related innovations – their 50 colleagues were involved in the design process, helping us to realize their dream of the new working place.

First priority was the creation of the spaces of working together in the office, meeting, and using common work spaces. The collaboration spaces were designed as colourful, spacious places surrounded by natural greenery. The workstations are located in quieter areas, facilitating an innovative use of space with easy-to-move furniture.

We used 4 + 1 dominant elements in the case of materials: subtly reflective glossy surface, translucent U glass, structured sound-absorbing fabric, natural wood – and the plus one, living greenery.