Mariska Restaurant

Location: 5350 Tiszafüred, Húszöles út

Client: Yellow Brick Road

Design: 2019

Construction: 2021

Scale: 260 m2

General architecture: LAB5 architects

Leading designers: Linda Erdélyi, András Dobos, Balázs Korényi, Anna Gáspár Virág

Project architect: Zsófia Ferenczi

Colleagues: Beáta Bordi, Zoltán György Kozma

Interior design: Hella Sarnyai

Civil engineering: Kerek és Pintér

Mechanical engineering: HFHF Solutions

Electrical engineering: Kelevill Bt

Details: ICD Bt

Fire expert: Fireeng Kft

Photography: György Palkó


A new development without similar solutions in Tiszafüred, the restaurant lays in an idyllic setting and serves high quality cuisine. Since the Client could not find a suitable building to make his dreams come true, a new house was planned. There is no strong built reference point in the immediate environment, so we created simple and clean volumes. The triple split of masses is a reference to the tradition of the three-division Hungarian countryside houses.


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The two ends are shaped by volumes with closed facades, they hide the technological functions. The middle part is light and see through, it serves first as a space for the guests, second it creates a new axis towards the garden and the terrace.