Hotel az Almássy téren

Location: 1077 Budapest, Almássy tér 6.

Client: Almássy Invest Zrt

Design: 2021-

Scale: 5.500 m2

Architect of original building: Lakóterv, Éva (Straub) Hoffmann

Civil engineer of original building: Ernő Zámbó

General architecture: LAB5 architects

Developer concept and preparation design, SABDC: András Balázs Sütő

Interior design: LAB5 architects

Leading designers, LAB5: Linda Erdélyi, András Dobos, Balázs Korényi, Anna Gáspár Virág

Project architect: Dávid Páncsics

Architects: Angéla Heringer, Nóra Lukácsi, Bence Mézes, Wang Guangrui

Civil engineer: mdrs2

Mechanical and electrical engineering: Haan Studio

Fire expert: Fireeng Kft

Traffic engineer: Közlekedés Kft

Elevators: Tamás Pölöskei

Details: Epszerkinfo Kft

Building acoustics: AQRATE akusztikai Kft

Heritage protection: Levente Csomortány

Visuals: LAB5 architects



Several questions are emerging when starting the redesign of an existing building. How to reference to the modern, brutalist, built heritage in the heart of Budapest? How to reconstruct a building full of personal memories from its cultural past and importance? The developers’ original scope focused on a coherent solution – where past meets future. During the design we consulted the original designers and protectors of our built heritage too.

Recently the project received building permit, for more info please visit back later.